Tilefish at Luma on Park

The Disney half marathon brought me down to Orlando, so I looked up a friend who knows I like to eat.  We gathered some friends at Luma on Park, which is located in Winter Park, Florida about 30 minutes from Disney.  I think I have found a new favorite fish in tilefish, which is commercially harvested in fisheries around Florida and therefore done in a sustainable way.

I like it for it’s texture, which has meaty, firm flakes and a light, sweet taste akin to shellfish.   I also like black cod/sablefish/butterfish very much, which has a similar texture.

I don’t recall the detailed preparation, but as you can see in the picture, it was served atop a selection of vegetables and a nice, light broth with some farro (a grain).  The fish itself was breaded and pan fried.  I would definitely order it again, and hope to be able to find some in Chicago.