Longman & Eagle

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Another Michelin restaurant review.  Longman & Eagle is a “regional American” restaurant in the Logan Square area, down the street from another gem, Lula Cafe.  A relatively new restaurant, it was fortunate to have scored a Michelin star last year, and has maintained that rating for 2012.

This was my second visit.  I had eaten at the bar before, and had their burger.  That meal was more drinking than eating, as I sampled too many of their great whiskey and bourbon selection and beers.  I noted that I needed to come back because there were so many tasty sounding items on the menu.

On this return trip, I went with a friend who lives in the area.  We had the Buffalo sweetbreads appetizer, venison sausage, and duo foie gras dish.  The sweetbreads (typically the thymus gland of a calf) were fried and covered in a traditional Buffalo wing sauce.   I’ve had the traditional French preparation of sweetbreads, which has them breaded and fried.  This was exactly like that but with Buffalo wing sauce.  It was good and tender, but not so much more special than Buffalo chicken wings.  The venison sausage was very good, served with potato pierogi-like dumplings.  The foie gras dish was a perfectly seared serving with a foie gras flavored milkshake.  Can’t go wrong with foie gras.

My friend had the roast chicken, and I had the “steak and eggs” short ribs with an egg-filled ravioli.  I am a sucker for short ribs, and while this wasn’t the typical slow-cooked, fork tender braised short ribs that I usually encounter, they were very well prepared.  They were boneless and meaty, and I believe were oven roasted and tender and flavorful.  I would definitely order it again if it were on the menu.


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