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Part two of the Michelin star tour was a visit to Boka, the flagship restaurant of the Boka Restaurant Group.  I had already been to executive chef Giuseppe Trentori’s namesake restaurant, GT Fish and Oyster Bar in River North as well as The Girl & the Goat, but hadn’t yet made it to the original restaurant.

The menu looked tasty, and because it was my first time there, I decided to try the  tasting menu (they have  a 4, 6, or 9 course option).   The six-course prix fixe menu sounded about right, and I enjoyed everything.  There was a Bento box presentation of raw fish–my favorite was the Adobo-rubbed tuna.    The savory dishes included the salmon, lamb, and duck breast off of the regular menu.   The only thing that I would have liked to try was the pork “osso busco,” so that will have to wait until the next visit.


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