Pork shoulder


While I enjoy a great steak (rib-eye medium rare, please), my mouth waters over slow cooked meat.  Lately, I have been experimenting with pork shoulder, the cut known as the picnic that has a bone in it.

I have braised it with nothing but Worcestershire sauce and a good dry rub in a slow cooker for 8 hours, and have tried different combinations of fruit and vinegar (which is how avec usually has it on their menu). 

Today, I tried smoking it in a Weber grill with hickory chips for about 7 hours, and it turned out perfectly flavorful and moist.  I had to keep adding coals and wood chips, and poured a mixture of cider vinegar and water over it every now and then (called a mop).

Smoking the meat in a kettle grill is tricky because you have to lift the grate to add the coals and the wood.  The temperature is harder to control.

In Hawaii, they call this Kahlua pig, except there they bury a whole pig in the sand and cover it with coals at luaus.  Next time I will try brining the meat overnight to make it jucier.

I like this cut because it has some nice fast to add flavor and keep the meat from drying out over the long cooking period.


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