I go to NYC once or twice a year to visit friends and hang out.  If my schedule allows, I will try a new restaurant.

My friend, Carl, is a reliable source of restaurant recommendations.  A couple of years ago, he told me about a Japanese restaurant called, Bohemian, located in NoHo (North of Houston–c.f. SoHo, which is South of Houston).  I have been recommending it ever since.

First, the food is excellent–and very reasonably priced.  A friend to whom I recommended the restaurant said that she went with a small group and they just about ordered everything on the menu.  I would have, too, if I had a bigger stomach.

The space is small, with seating for 0nly about 20 people, so very cozy.  The staff, as far as I can tell, is all Japanese.  The gimmick, if you want to call it that, is that the location and contact information for the restaurant is not public.  You can only go there by word of mouth.  There is no signage outside the restaurant.  It is hidden down the hall from a Japanese butcher shop.

So, you can do your research on the Internet, and let me know if you are interested.  Plan ahead, because they may be booked for a few weeks.


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