Sunday Dinner: cassoulet


My first introduction to Sunday Dinner Club is still my favorite.  My friend, Mike Chu, raved about this and I had to wait a whole year to experience it.

It was the tastiest bean stew filled with sumptuous meats that I have ever had.   The breadcrumbs folded in add the right amount of texture.  And Chef Josh’s detailed descriptions of the hand picked ingredients and the long involved cooking process humble me as I could never achieve such greatness.


One comment on “Sunday Dinner: cassoulet

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Darryl! Good luck with the blog- I’ll be following, and following your recommendations.

    Cassoulet remains my favorite Sunday Dinner item… so much work goes into it, but it’s all worth it. They smoke their own bacon, confit their own ducks, make their own breadcrumbs. Amazing. And for it to cook down so well without the beans turning into mush is their best-kept secret I’m sure.

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